Wednesday, October 28, 2020

‘’Death is what gives life meaning’’ !!!

Eulogy copied from my dear friend Kasun Rambukwella.
I never thought or dreamed in my wildest dreams to write a eulogy to our Dear friend Ugyen Langten
After I heard the very late, unconvincing and shocking news of sudden demises of our beloved friend Ugyen Lengthen (
Sonder Elixir
) It took me few sleepless nights to understand how death clarifies the meaning of life.
Langten was an atypical Bhutanese Medical Student by appearance. Taller and handsome than all the Bhutanese we knew yet gentle and soft-spoken like all the Bhutanese we knew. He was a brutally honest person who never had second thoughts to express his honest opinion. He always believed bitter truth is far better than sweet lies.
Langten believed and lived by his own philosophy natured by the principles of Buddhism. He never intended to make anyone hurt by any means. Helped everyone as much as he could and tried to do good deeds. His kindness was not only limited to the humans as he was one of the true animal lovers.
His way of thinking about life allowed him to stay enthusiastically and to lead a joyful life even during the very hectic and sometimes very challenging times during our Medical Student Life. Even though he was thousands of miles away from his loved ones he never lost his focus and never forgot how to enjoy his life. From a Talented football player (goalkeeper) to a kind and dedicated medical student he knew how to enjoy his time in Sri Lanka.
He was a dear friend. When we were in hot waters, some people we knew for years turned a blind eye. But Langthen, a foreigner, always enlightened us by his words, never discriminated us and behaved like a true gentleman with principles.
When I invited Langthen to my wedding through FB, he was in Buthan after completing undergraduate studies. He could have very easily sent his wishes through Facebook. But, He never bothered to travel thousands of miles to be at my Wedding. It was his first Sri Lankan Wedding and sadly it was his last as well. It was the last day I saw him in person. He returned to Bhutan just after that and I didn’t get a proper chance to meet him in person to say good bye. I thought we (my self and
atleast ) will visit him in Bhutan in next few years. That has always been the plan. But life took us in varies paths and never managed to do so.
Sri Lanka was his second mother. He was first to contact me when Sri Lanka was in news for unfortunate incidents. He always said ‘’ I have a soft corner to Sri Lanka ‘’. He was planning to start his Post graduate studies in Forensic Medicine in Sri Lanka after obtaining his postgraduate scholarship. He was scheduled to submit his documents on 22nd of April 2020. Horrific Easter bombings on 21th made him not to apply that year. If he had applied things would have been changed. Life is uncertain, who could predict the future? But Langthen, machan we could have met and had a one last chat .
Langthen is survived by his lovely wife and adorable daughter. His words have always been full of love towards his lovely angels. He loved them more than his life. Hope I will able to meet his adorable daughter one day and tell her how wonderful and unique his father was.
The Kingdom of
has lost a great doctor. We have lost a great friend. His family has lost a part of their lives. World has lost an amazing human being.
Good Bye my dear friend, The true ambassador from Bhutan and above all a wonderful human being. Your memory will be perished in our minds till our last breath.